GPS Anti-theft Protection

Secure your property and put an end to the increasing theft on construction sites.

Theft protection through active GPS tracking leaves thieves no longer a chance in the future.

With the VISION SAFETY tracking system, which is now available as an option in the Profilaser series VISION, you can always keep an eye on your property. GPS satellite tracking gives you instant notification as your laser moves away from the job site. If you now report the device as stolen, you can communicate the current location directly.

A manual query of the location of your laser is also possible at any time. All communication between the laser and the mobile device takes place via SMS.

VISION SAFETY also permanently monitors the battery capacity of your laser and informs you in good time if the battery capacity falls below 20%. This prevents a deep discharge and the associated permanent damage to the battery. Timely charging has a positive effect on the life of the battery.

With VISION SAFETY, you protect what belongs to you and give thieves no chance.

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    • GPS monitoring worldwide
    • Real-time position monitoring
    • Theft notification
    • Batterie capacity monitoring